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Premiere: Lauren Flax ‘The Acid (feat. DJ Heather)’

Premiere: Lauren Flax ‘The Acid (feat. DJ Heather)’

Lauren Flax may be best known as one half of Brooklyn-based duo CREEP, or for her collaborations with pop superstar Sia. In a solo environment however, the DJ/producer has honed a worthy reputation as a cultivator of gritty, dancefloor ready cuts that draw influence from the classic sounds of Chicago and Detroit.

Now, the producer is readying her new release on Apollo Music Group, the self-described “audio venture” Chicago residents Dan X and DJ Heather plus UK based artist Lil’ Mark. The release features one sizzling original cut plus two remixes courtesy of Angel Alanis & Hiroko Yamamura Pacmummy and LSDXOXO.

‘The Acid’ original mix features a guest vocal from the legendary DJ Heather herself, propping up the track’s 303 beat and sizzling synth patterns. It’s a treat.

‘The Acid’ is out next Friday 8th June. Pre-order it here.

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